Marketing & innovation for the next generation of B2B brands.

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Accelerate market adoption. Decelerate climate change.

We help climate tech companies accelerate market adoption of their solutions so they can grow revenue and create positive climate-change impact faster. 




A New Kind of Partner.


  • Part consultancy
  • Part marketing agency
  • Part creative shop

We provide a unique subscription model that offers a frictionless, value-driven service focused on outcomes over outputs. We will transform your marketing to unlock the true potential of your climate-tech solutions, ensuring they achieve rapid adoption and contribute meaningfully to a sustainable future.

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We build Connective brands.

Not just logos and slogans.
Not just marketing and advertising.
Not just growth strategy.


The seamless alignment between brand strategy, marketing strategy, business strategy & execution that delivers a highly differentiated offering that resonates with all stakeholders.

Better connected to culture


Better connected to community


Better connected to employees


Better connected to external audiences


Better connected to markets


Better connected to shareholders



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Courageous Collaborators

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Distinctive Workflows

World class teams at a fraction of the cost. Fast, agile work wherever you need it most.
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Rakas Engage Anywhere Services

Engage Anywhere

We can engage anywhere to deliver results everywhere across your organization.

Rakas Custom Talent Teams

Custom Teams

We customize a team around you rather than whatever team is available.

Rakas Rapid Work Sprints

Rapid Work Sprints

Agile. Fast. Collaborative.
This is how we work, getting to real results quickly.

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Quick, actionable strategies and targeted insights.

When environments shift in an instant, it’s hard to find the proper strategic footing to confidently carry your brand and business through the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. Strategic Advantage is a focused research sprint specifically built to deliver the right thinking right when it matters. You get quick, concise, and provocative takes that create strong foundations for a dynamic B2B brand and B2B business. 





Scalable strategy with provable marketing ROI.

Consistent, topline revenue growth is hard. And proving what parts of your marketing drive that growth is even harder. Today’s CEOs and Boards of Directors demand more consistency and proof of how their marketing investment is contributing to sales. Marketing Advantage is our performance-marketing solution that delivers provable, scalable AND predictable revenue growth.



Data-backed strategy for building next-gen brands.

Your brand is a bond with stakeholders. A promise. It must represent your business and appeal to your B2B buyers, employees and community. Often these are not in sync. Brand Advantage is a performance-branding solution, based in research, that aligns your team, differentiates you in the market, and speaks to all your stakeholders.


Performance-accountable brand building

+ brand-accountable performance marketing


Data Analysis

Audience Segmentation

Buyer Quantitative & Qualitative

Stakeholder in-depth interviews (IDIs)

Category, Culture, Competition Research


Performance Branding:

Brand Strategy Platform development

Audience/Persona development

Mission, Vision, Values development

Competencies, Capabilities

Value Proposition development


Tone of Voice & Personality

Brand Naming

Brand Design

Brand Governance

Enterprise Brand Embedding

Brand Academy

Brand Valuation/Equity Study

Performance Marketing:

External Go-To-Market Planning

Campaign Creative & Production

Campaign Execution

Campaign Analysis & Reporting

Data Management

MarTech Stack Management

Internal Comms Planning


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New Business & General Inquiries

We’re Rakas.

Rakas is the Finnish word for “beloved.” We believe that’s how you’ll feel about us after working with us. And we know the feeling will be mutual.